Смысл выражения With Oden on My Side

Статья о том, что означает популярное выражение «With Oden on My Side» и как связано с викингской мифологией.

Stoic’s song «With Oden on My side» has become a favorite among fans of metal music. But what does the phrase mean? To answer this question, we need to look back to the mythology of the Vikings and their god Oden.

Oden, the god of death, war, wisdom, and poetry, was one of the most significant deities in Norse mythology. He was associated with the concept of Valhalla, where the bravest warriors who died in battle would go after their death. The warriors would join Oden’s army, known as the «Einherjar,» to fight against the giant’s army during Ragnarok.

When someone says «With Oden on my side,» they are invoking the image of a fearless warrior with no fear of death and ready to fight until the end. With Oden by their side, they are unbeatable and unstoppable.

The phrase has become a popular slogan among metal fans, who are drawn to the idea of being fierce warriors ready to face any challenge. It’s a way of expressing a «never give up» attitude and a celebration of Norse mythology and culture.

In conclusion, the phrase «With Oden on my side» has become a powerful symbol of strength, bravery, and perseverance. It reminds us of the fascinating mythology of the Vikings and their god Oden, and it’s a way of celebrating their legacy in today’s world.